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Sobey's Distribution Department Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sobey's Distribution Department - Case Study Example The following discourse focuses on Sobey in terms of the probable applicability of technology to improve its operations. Introduction E-commerce can be done in two ways. The first is a case in which a company produces goods and services that can be exchanged online. These include such goods as computer software and even books, commonly referred to as e-books. In such transactions, the buyer contacts a seller mainly through the seller’s website and places an order for the given product. After this, the buyer is directed on how to make the payment. This is done online too with the buyer offered a dialogue box in which he enters his credit or debit card number. The card must, in this case, be globally recognized. The transaction takes place in the major currencies which in most cases is the American dollar. After entering the card number, an amount that is the price of the product is deducted. Thereafter, the buyer is allowed to download the product. This is an entirely online pr ocess with the two parties requiring no physical contact (Stefan, Christ and Jochen, 2008). The other model involves the basics of the transaction being done online such as in marketing. In this case, the client and the buyer meet online and the buyer gets to the goods specifications in which he is interested. After this, the buyer makes the payment as would be the company policy and waits for the seller to deliver the goods. This takes place when the goods can not be physically exchanged. Sobeys, given its business nature, thus belongs to the second category. It would only carry out extensive marketing and some of the most basic transactions online. However, the remaining part of the transactions would require physical contact between the seller (Sobey) and the buyers. Primary Data Through interviews and observation of the firm operations, it became eminent that the store has a wide customer base and has in the past placed in place strategies that aim to increase its sales. Some of these include product promotions and some other value added services. Sobeys is a chain distribution department with presence in all the provinces of the country and has two hundred branches currently. It majors in the sale of grocery and other fundamental house wares. The use of ICT is appreciated in the firm as the company has a website and is at advance stage of launching on-line transactions with its clients. The use of social sites such as facebook and twitter is rife as the company runs several accounts and fun pages with which it keeps contact with some of its esteemed customer. They have used the on-line platform to carry out market researches and this has played a part in their determination of yet some newer locations of expansion. From the study on how the store uses technology, the following were determined: Key characters and the difficulties they currently face Among some of the key personalities of the firm is the president who also sums up as the chief executive off icer of the firm. Currently, this position is held by William Bill Mc Ewan. Given the fact that firm has a presence throughout Canada, communication and information flow has proved to be a challenge to its operations. This is a challenge which is well understood by the organization’s CEO. For instance, there are several incidences and transactions always warrant his presence or authorization but due to the job’s nature, the president can not always oversee all these in person. Consequently, he normally delegates some of these

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Lemon as Flea Preventer Essay Example for Free

Lemon as Flea Preventer Essay Pets such as dogs needs to be treated with proper nourishment and needs to be walked, exercise and to be played outside. Dogs need a natural environment. They cannot always stay in the house so they need to go outside to breathe fresh air and get socialized with other dogs. But by providing them so, they can pick up insects and other diseases. Fleas and Lice are often health problems of dogs and this may also affect the host family where the dog lives by spreading fleas around the house and might cause allergies and infection. Fleas feed on the blood of dogs, they also sometimes bite humans. They can live without food for several months, but females must have a blood meal before they can produce eggs. They can deliver about 4000 eggs on the hosts fur. Since Nueva Vizcaya is known to be the citrus capital of the Philippines. That is, there are plenty of Vitamin C rich fruits growing in these areas which can be proven and used as a subject to prevent fleas and lice for dogs given that vitamin C is known as an acid. I, the researcher have decided to formulate an investigatory project to prove if citrus is effective as flea and lice preventer with the titled: Citrus Extract as Dog Flea and Lice Preventer wherein the citrus fruit will be cut into pieces, be extracted through boiling and then sprayed directly to dog fur. Statement of the Problem: This investigatory project is made to determine whether the extract of citrus fruit will be an effective Flea and lice preventer. Specifically, it seeks to find out: * Are there significant differences on the prevention time of Fleas and Lice using citrus extract with various amounts? Statement of the Hypothesis: The following statements will be investigated Ha: There are significant differences on the prevention time of fleas and lice using citrus extract with various amounts. Ho: There are no significant differences on the prevention time of fleas and lice using citrus extract with various amounts. Scope and Delimitation: This research study entitled â€Å"Citrus Extract as Dog Flea and Lice Preventer† will be conducted on June-September 2013 at Solano High School. It will only investigate on how effective the citrus fruit extract on preventing fleas and lice by comparing the prevention time of fleas and lice with various amounts of citrus extract by decoction. It will not focus on killing fleas and lice, the chemical analysis of citrus fruits, Other parts of the citrus plant (only the fruit) and the life cycle stage of the fleas and lice (egg, pupa, and adult) Significance of the Study: This study may be beneficial to the following: * Flea and Lice Preventer Manufacturers- there might be a possibility of using cheaper yet effective raw materials that could prevent them from spreading too much. * Consumers of Flea and lice Preventer- they can now make homemade flea and lice preventer for their pet dog * Community- it will lessen flea infected dogs easily without spending money on expensive commercial flea and lice preventer and by using a nature-friendly one. * Economy- to find a way of producing cheaper and more nature-friendly flea and lice preventer. Definition of Terms: The following terms are defined according to their use in the study: * Decoction- it is a process of extracting though boiling. -refers to the process of boiling the citrus fruit. It will be used as the flea and lice preventer. * Preventer- refers to the substance which prevents fleas and lice from going in the dog’s fur. * Flea and Lice- insects that bites in the dog’s fur for blood. * Citrus- a fruit rich in citric acid. * Dog- a domesticated canine mammal commonly kept as house pets Flea and Lice Independent Variable 1. Citrus fruit extract concentration. Research Paradigm: Dependent Variable 1. Time for the extract to last its ability to prevent fleas and lice. Expected Outcome: 1. The dog given with citrus extract will not contract with Fleas and/or Lice. 2. The citrus extract flea and lice preventer can compete with other commercial flea and lice preventers. Explanation: In this study, the researchers will only make one flea and lice preventer spray which is made from boiled citrus extract. I’ll also be also using a commercial flea and lice preventer as the control variable. The effectiveness of the citrus extract will be measured by observing the time for the fleas and lice prevented from the dog in each set-up. The expected outcome is that the citrus extract flea and lice preventer can be as effective as the commercial flea and lice preventer.

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Evaluation of The Psychoanalytic Approach Essay -- Papers Psychology F

Evaluation of The Psychoanalytic Approach Sigmund Freud the founder of psychoanalysis (1896-1939) worked on many ideas and cases that were to do with the mind and the body. Freud spent most of his life in Vienna where he expressed and distinguished the concepts of the unconscious, infantile sexuality and repression. Freud identified psychosexual stages, which are: - Oral stage – (approx 0-2 years) During the first year of life the libido is gratified through stimulation of the mucous membrane of the mouth (breast feeding, sucking behaviour). The child will enjoy sucking and biting. Freud suggested that if a child is weaned too early or too late they can have a fixation by using sucking sensations. Freud though did not give any indication when the correct time is to wean a child in order to overcome these fixations. He did though suggest that the fixations could be apparent in later life in the form of pen sucking or biting of the nail and smoking, as they are all types of oral stimulation/activities. Freud also said that too little stimulation in this early age could lead to the child in adult life having uncaring, self-centred attitude. And the other way with too much stimulation can lead to self controlled, gullible and unrealistic goals. These are both long lasting affects in later life if this stage is not correctly overcome. Anal stage – (approx 2-4 years) Pleasure is focused on the passing or excreaton of faces. On this stage Freud said that if parents were too pushy and strict with toilet training then the child may become anally retentive – resulting in excessive tiredness and cleanliness and very self contr... ...success, it has very much failed in the eyes of most of today's critics. Carl Jung (1875-1961) did not agree with Freud in the distinction between manifest and latent content as to Jung dreams had no deliberate disguised meaning but directly reflected the minds current state. A major difference therefore was that where Freud emphasised the dark and destructive nature of the unconscious Jung was influenced on the positive and constructive nature of these influences. Sigmund Freud has had a huge impact on psychoanalytic techniques and most of them are still used today i.e. dream analysis and the talking technique. Without Freud’s ideas and findings maybe the world of psychoanalysis would not be where it is today as many theorists have used Freud techniques’ as a base for their own modifications and contributions.

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Primary education Essay

Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, research, or simply through autodidacticism. [1] Generally, it occurs through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts. Systems of schooling involve institutionalized teaching and learning in relation to a curriculum, which itself is established according to a predetermined purpose of the schools in the system. Schools systems were also based on people’s religion giving them different curricula. [edit] Curriculum Main articles: Curriculum, Curriculum theory, and List of academic disciplines School children in Durban, South Africa. In formal education, a curriculum is the set of courses and their content offered at a school or university. As an idea, curriculum stems from the Latin word for race course, referring to the course of deeds and experiences through which children grow to become mature adults. A curriculum is prescriptive, and is based on a more general syllabus which merely specifies what topics must be understood and to what level to achieve a particular grade or standard. An academic discipline is a branch of knowledge which is formally taught, either at the university–or via some other such method. Each discipline usually has several sub-disciplines or branches, and distinguishing lines are often both arbitrary and ambiguous. Examples of broad areas of academic disciplines include the natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, humanities and applied sciences. [5] Educational institutions may incorporate fine arts as part of K-12 grade curriculums or within majors at colleges and universities as electives. The various types of fine arts are music, dance, and theater. [6] [edit] Preschools Main article: Preschool education The term preschool refers to a school for children who are not old enough to attend kindergarten. It is a nursery school. Preschool education is important because it can give a child the edge in a competitive world and education climate. [citation needed] While children who do not receive the fundamentals during their preschool years will be taught the alphabet, counting, shapes and colors and designs when they begin their formal education they will be behind the children who already possess that knowledge. The true purpose behind kindergarten is â€Å"to provide a child-centered, preschool curriculum for three to seven year old children that aimed at unfolding the child’s physical, intellectual, and moral nature with balanced emphasis on each of them. †[7] [edit] Primary schools Main article: Primary education Primary school in open air. Teacher (priest) with class from the outskirts of Bucharest, around 1842. Primary (or elementary) education consists of the first 5–7 years of formal, structured education. In general, primary education consists of six or eight years of schooling starting at the age of five or six, although this varies between, and sometimes within, countries. Globally, around 89% of primary-age children are enrolled in primary education, and this proportion is rising. [8] Under the Education For All programs driven by UNESCO, most countries have committed to achieving universal enrollment in primary education by 2015, and in many countries, it is compulsory for children to receive primary education. The division between primary and secondary education is somewhat arbitrary, but it generally occurs at about eleven or twelve years of age. Some education systems have separate middle schools, with the transition to the final stage of secondary education taking place at around the age of fourteen. Schools that provide primary education, are mostly referred to as primary schools. Primary schools in these countries are often subdivided into infant schools and junior school. In India, compulsory education spans over twelve years, out of which children receive elementary education for 8 years. Elementary schooling consists of five years of primary schooling and 3 years of upper primary schooling. Various states in the republic of India provide 12 years of compulsory school education based on national curriculum framework designed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training. Students working with a teacher at Albany Senior High School, New Zealand Students in a classroom at Samdach Euv High School, Cambodia In most contemporary educational systems of the world, secondary education comprises the formal education that occurs during adolescence. It is characterized by transition from the typically compulsory, comprehensive primary education for minors, to the optional, selective tertiary, â€Å"post-secondary†, or â€Å"higher† education (e. g. university, vocational school) for adults. Depending on the system, schools for this period, or a part of it, may be called secondary or high schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, middle schools, colleges, or vocational schools. The exact meaning of any of these terms varies from one system to another. The exact boundary between primary and secondary education also varies from country to country and even within them, but is generally around the seventh to the tenth year of schooling. Secondary education occurs mainly during the teenage years. In the United States, Canada and Australia primary and secondary education together are sometimes referred to as K-12 education, and in New Zealand Year 1–13 is used. The purpose of secondary education can be to give common knowledge, to prepare for higher education or to train directly in a profession. The emergence of secondary education in the United States did not happen until 1910, caused by the rise in big businesses and technological advances in factories (for instance, the emergence of electrification), that required skilled workers. In order to meet this new job demand, high schools were created, with a curriculum focused on practical job skills that would better  prepare students for white collar or skilled blue collar work. This proved to be beneficial for both employers and employees, for the improvement in human capital caused employees to become more efficient, which lowered costs for the employer, and skilled employees received a higher wage than employees with just primary educational attainment. In Europe, grammar schools or academies date from as early as the 16th century, in the form of public schools, fee-paying schools, or charitable educational foundations, which themselves have an even longer history.

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Analysis The Messenger By Markus Zusak - 1056 Words

Throughout history, comic book heroes like Superman, Spiderman and Batman have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike. These strong-willed and brave individuals who perform courageous acts, overcome great odds and defeat the forces of evil have always been prevalent in English literary texts. However, in The Messenger by Markus Zusak, the author positions the reader to view heroes that deviate from the normal black and white archetype. Through the use of themes such as deceptive appearances, small things can be big and morality, Zusak effectively constructs Ed as a reluctant hero and shows that people don’t have to sport spandex and flashy capes to be known as heroes but instead can be someone who performs small kind acts.†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"The last thing [Ed] sees that day is Thomas and Tony O’Reilly, sitting on the steps of the church, smoking together. The odds are that they won’t see each other for another few years but {Ed knows he} can ask for nothing more than this† (pg. 176). Therefore, even though Ed is the ‘epitome of ordinariness’, he embodies the qualities of a hero as evidenced by his acts. Another theme that is prominent in The Messenger is small things can have a big impact. Throughout the course of the four aces, Ed helps the people on the cards through small acts of kindness, which demonstrates that ‘heroic’ acts do not have to be ‘large’ to have a significant impact. The portrayal of Ed as a hero can be seen when he buys the Tatupu family Christmas lights because their old ones were, â€Å"very faded. Some of the lights were missing. They were the old-style lights. They weren’t the type to flash†¦ Only half the ones that were still there actually worked. That translated to four globes in operation. Four globes to brighten up the Tatupu house this year† (pg. 238). In doing so, Ed made the Polynesian family feel acknowledged and welcomed. He, â€Å"gave them so much. More than [he’ll] ever know† (pg. 244). Ed’s role as a humanitarian is further perpetuated when he gives Sophie invisible running shoes. The shoes remind Sophie, â€Å"the feeling of freedom, and the purest sense that she’s alive† (pg. 78). They represent the fact that Sophie had the ability the whole time and just needed to

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Analysis Of Khaled Hosseini s And The Mountains Echoed

In the novel, And the Mountains Echoed, by Khaled Hosseini several main characters are woven together throughout their lifetimes spanning from 1952 to 2010. The book focuses on how the human spirit endures despite tragedy. Human resilience is seen in these characters as their lives twist and turn throughout the novel. The main characters Abdullah and his sister, Pari, endure separation, betrayal, and heartache but reunite generations later. Abdullah’s daughter and others sacrifice their own needs and wants during difficult seasons of life for the ones they love, honor, and respect. The author, Hosseini, raises the question of how family relationships impact one another for multiple generations. A key family relationship explored in†¦show more content†¦Another key family relationship explored in this book is between two sisters abdullah s stepmother, Parwana, and Masooma. This relationship is very different from the one portrayed between Abdullah and Pari. These sisters were close, almost to close, in fact they were twins. Early on in their childhood, Parwana realizes that everyone views her sister as perfect, better, and prettier. She feels like she is constantly living in the shadow of her sister. Basically, â€Å"a pathetic shadow, torn between her envy and the thrill of being seen with Masooma, sharing in the attention as a weed would, lapping up water meant for the lily upstream,† (67). Not only does Parwana feel inferior and below her sister but she is also jealous that her sister receives so much attention. Abdullah and Pari’s bond was very mutual; however, Parwana and Masooma’s is the opposite. Masooma is not aware of the struggle that Parwana goes through everyday being by Masooma’s side all the time. Another fundamental family relationship explored in this book centers around Pari and her father, Saboor and ultimately the impact Pari’s adoptive mother has on her life. Pari and her father, Saboor, have a complicated relationship because he loves her dearly but faces a difficult decision early on in the novel. The love that Saboor has for Pari is etched all over his face when he declines an offer to make her happy. Pari’s father isShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Khaled Hosseini s The Mountains Echoed 1182 Words   |  5 PagesKhaled Hosseini in his novel And the Mountains Echoed shows that male authors can fight for the rights of women through their work, and create a feminist fiction. And the Mountains Echoed is a successful feminist fiction because it displays some unique female characters such as Nila Wahdati, which voices out feminism and how women are oppressed in the Afghan society. Nila Wahdati is gifted, stylish, condemned French-Afghan housewife who writes impassioned poetry about love, sex, desire, and lossRead MoreAnalysis Of Khaled Hosseini s The Mountains Echoed 1109 Words   |  5 Pageswell. However, I appreciate all. I can t wait to see what the future are waiting for me. I have learned, â€Å"in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths† (Drew Barrymore). In the fictional novel And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini s, in 1952 a village of Afghanistan called Shadbagh. The prospect is sufficiently miserable because lacking central heat and foods, some small child is liable to perish. The most significant themes are interpersonal relationship and