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Biography of California Senator Kamala Harris

Life story of California Senator Kamala Harris Kamala Harrisâ was conceived October 20, 1964, to a dark Stanford University teacher and a Tamil Indian doctor mother. Harris turned into the primary California lawyer general with African American or South Asian family line in the wake of vanquishing Republican opponent Steve Cooley in the 2010 political race for the position. Harris,â formerly San Franciscos head prosecutor, is likewise the principal lady to serve in the job. Kamala Harris declared she was running for president in 2020 on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2019. Quick Facts: Kamala Harris Name: Kamala Devi HarrisBorn: October 20, 1964, in Oakland, CAKnown For: Junior Senator from California; sits on Senate Budget, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Judiciary, and Intelligence advisory groups. First lady, African-American, and South Asian lead prosecutor in San Francisco. First California Attorney General with African-American or South Asian ancestry.Education: Howard University, Hastings College of the LawDistinctions and Awards: Named one of Californias top 75 ladies litigators by the legitimate paper The Daily Journal and a Woman of Power by the National Urban League. Granted Thurgood Marshall Award by National Black Prosecutors Association. Named Rodel Fellow by the Aspen Institute. On the leading group of the California District Attorneys Association. Early Life and Education Kamala Devi Harris was brought up in San Franciscos East Bay, where she went to government funded schools, loved at dark places of worship, and lived in transcendently African-American people group. Her drenching in African-American culture didnt keep her from being presented to Indian culture, be that as it may. Her mom took Harris to Hindu sanctuaries to love. In addition, Harris is no more interesting to India, having visited the subcontinent on a few events to see family members. Her bicultural legacy and goes far and wide have enlivened political insiders to contrast her and President Barack Obama. While Obama at times battled with character issues,â as he depicts in his journal Dreams from My Father, Harris clearly didnt experience developing torments in this vein. Harris went to secondary school in Quebec, where she moved with her mom following her folks separate. After graduation, Harris went to Howard University, a truly dark scholastic foundation. She earned a lone rangers degree from Howard in 1986 and afterward came back to the cove territory in northern California. Upon her arrival, she enlisted at Hastings College of the Law, where she earned a law degree. Following that achievement, Harris continued to leave her imprint on the lawful field of San Francisco. Profession Highlights Law degree close by, Harris started indicting murder, burglary, and kid assault cases as appointee lead prosecutor for the Alameda County District Attorneys Office, filling in as an examiner from 1990 to 1998. At that point, as overseeing lawyer of the Career Criminal Unit of the San Francisco District Attorneys Office, a position she filled from 1998 to 2000, Harris arraigned cases including sequential criminals. Afterward, she headed the San Francisco City Attorneys Division on Families and Children for a long time. Yet, it was in 2003 that Harris would leave a mark on the world. At the years end, she was chosen as the San Francisco head prosecutor, turning into the main female, dark, and South Asian individual to accomplish this accomplishment. In November 2007, voters reappointed her to the workplace. During her 20 years as an investigator, Harris has molded a personality for herself as pummeling wrongdoing. She highly esteems multiplying preliminary conviction rates for firearm lawful offenses to 90 percent as San Franciscos top cop. Likewise, with Harris as head, the San Francisco District Attorneys office expanded the level of perilous hoodlums condemned to jail by the greater part. Be that as it may, genuine wrongdoing wasnt Harris just core interest. She additionally significantly increased the quantity of wrongdoing cases sent to trialâ and arraigned the guardians of truant youngsters, which helped cut the truancy rate by 23 percent. Contention The San Francisco District Attorneys Office wound up enduring an onslaught in mid 2010 when it became known that Deborah Madden, a medication lab expert for the city police, admitted to expelling cocaine from proof examples. Her confirmation brought about the police labs testing unit shutting and pending medication cases being excused. The police division additionally needed to research cases previously arraigned due to Maddens confirmation of proof altering. During the embarrassment, it was attested that the District Attorneys Office knew about Maddens proof altering. In any case, it stays indistinct what data the head prosecutor thought about Madden and when Harris scholarly of the specialists indecencies. The San Francisco Examiner has claimed that the District Attorneys Office knew about the circumstance months before people in general was recounted the debate and before the police boss himself educated of the news. Supports and Honors Harris won supports from Californias political world class while crusading for Attorney General, including Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, and previous Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. On the national stage, Harris had the support of previous U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pioneers in law authorization additionally supported Harris, including the then-police head of San Diego and San Francisco. Harris has additionally won various distinctions, including being named one of Californias top 75 ladies litigators by the legitimate paper The Daily Journal and as a Woman of Power by the National Urban League. Furthermore, the National Black Prosecutors Association gave Harris the Thurgood Marshall Award and the Aspen Institute picked her to fill in as a Rodel Fellow. In conclusion, the California District Attorneys Association chose her for its board. Representative Harris In January 2015, Kamala Harris reported her offer for the U.S. Senate. She vanquished her adversary Loretta Sanchez to turn into the second lady of African or Asian plummet to hold such a position. As a lesser Senator from California, Harris sits on the Senate Budget, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Judiciary, and Intelligence Committees. In 2017, she presented 13 bills and goals, the dominant part managing open terrains and normal assets, wrongdoing and law authorization, and movement. Individual from the Resistance Harris is a blunt supporter for worker and women’s rights, and a pleased individual from the obstruction against Donald Trumps administration. Talking at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on January 21, 2017, the day after Trump was sworn into office, Harris considered his debut address a â€Å"dark† message. After seven days, she reprimanded his official request banishing residents from dread inclined nations passage to the U.S. for 90 days, esteeming it a â€Å"Muslim ban.† On June 7, 2017, during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Harris put some extreme inquiries to Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, over the job he played in the May 2017 terminating of FBI chief James Comey. Thus, Senators John McCain and Richard Burr reprimanded her for not being increasingly deferential. After six days, Harris was again berated by McCain and Burr for her hardline addressing of Jeff Sessions. Other Democratic individuals from the board of trustees called attention to that their own inquiries had been also intense, yet Harris was the main part who got reproves. The media got wind of the occurrences and speedily leveledâ accusations of sexism and bigotry against McCain and Burr. Sources Hafalia, Liz. Judge tears Harris office for concealing issues. San Francisco Chronicle, May 21, 2010. Herb, Jeremy. Congresspersons attempt to calm Harris, yet she doesnt withdraw. CNN, June 7, 2017. Herndon, Astead W. Kamala Harris Declares Candidacy, Evoking King and Joining Diverse Field. The New York Times, January 21, 2019.

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Significant Role of Leadership-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Basically investigate the connection between qualities, intentions and viability of pioneers. Answer: Authority assumes a critical job in any association. Today associations are working in unique condition where circumstances are evolving quickly. The associations need to confront different difficulties and the directors who function as pioneers in the association give direction to different individuals to manage those difficulties. Initiative can be characterized as an activity where supervisors impact workers to accomplish objectives and targets. The supervisors set a reasonable vision for the organization and rouse representatives by giving them constant direction (Bryman, 2007). In the given exposition the job of authority and connection among qualities and thought processes are clarified. We have taken Steve Jobs as the good example for all the troughs. The paper likewise expounds how Steve Jobs had applied those characteristics for the development of the association. One authority structure is likewise appeared in the paper. The given section centers around the job of initiative. Initiative is a significant piece of the board that assists with amplifying viability and effectiveness and furthermore helps in accomplishing objectives of the association. The administrators who function as pioneers detail plans, approaches and methodologies and impart the data to subordinates. Pioneers give inspiration to representatives. For persuading workers they utilize financial and non-monetary prizes. Pioneers manufacture certainty among representatives by clarifying them their jobs and furthermore by giving them legitimate direction to achieve objectives. The primary work of troughs or pioneers is to complete the work through individuals. Pioneers likewise help to make a proficient workplace in the association. In current economic situation to address complex difficulties, the pioneers plan explicit procedures and inspire representatives to play out their assignment appropriately. Pioneers have certain characteristics and thought processes which are both interrelated. All the attributes and thought processes add to initiative viability. Viable pioneers have certain qualities which add to the accomplishment of the association. Sure of the character characteristics incorporate dependability, self-assurance, extroversion, emphaticness, eagerness, passionate security, high resilience and a comical inclination. A decent pioneer ought to have characteristics, for example, comical inclination quality which will help in making benevolent relationship with workers (Carlo, Okun, Knight de Guzman, 2005). In numerous administration speculations character attributes are utilized to give meaning of good pioneer. A decent pioneer mostly utilizes situational initiative hypothesis that proposes that solitar y authority style can't be applied in all circumstances. As per the circumstances the pioneers need to choose appropriate initiative style. A few components like association culture, workers conduct, and certain different conditions the pioneers consider for choosing the best authority style for the circumstance. Some assignment related character qualities a decent pioneer has are adaptability, enthusiasm, fortitude, passionate knowledge and versatility. Every one of these qualities help pioneers to play out the work viably and effectively (Judge, Piccolo Kosalka, 2009). With all the referenced initiative characteristics, the pioneers likewise contain a few intentions like force thought process, solid hard working attitude, steadiness, drive and accomplishment. The force thought process demonstrates that the solid chief or a director require to control others in the association. The pioneers need to utilize their forces to impact the practices of others. Solid hard working attitude intention can be comprehended as the pioneers put stock in respect of work. They bolster solid hard working attitude in the association. The pioneers accept that gathering task give more profitable yield than singular errand. The drive and accomplishment thought process shows that the pioneer actualizes best thoughts that can give great returns. Through the endeavors of directors who perform powerful influential position in the association both organization and the administrators get benefits (De Hoogh et al., 2005). Diligence intention shows solid assurance of pioneers. The successful pioneers give innovative answer for take care of complex issues. There are solid connection between administration characteristics and thought processes. Effective pioneers use ini tiative attributes which offer help to accomplish thought processes. For satisfying force rationale the pioneers must have certain attributes like hazard taking, self-assurance, and additional form (Geoghegan Dulewicz, 2008). For keeping up solid hard working attitude the pioneers must have enthusiastic insight, comical inclination, eagerness and self-assuredness. For achieving determination intention the pioneers must have high resistance level and for accomplishing drive and accomplishment rationale the pioneers must have certain characteristics like mental fortitude, excitement, activity, adaptability, and flexibility. Steve Jobs is the renowned name in corporate world. He is the individual who is liable for Apple Companys achievement. Some significant administration characteristics Steve occupations had flexibility, center, decisiveness, imaginative and fearlessness. The significant thought processes of Steve Jobs were industriousness and solid hard working attitude. Steve Jobs was a persuasive pioneer. He detailed business procedures and roused representatives to work for the improvement and development of the organization. Present day chiefs can take in administration characteristics from him as he confronted different difficulties throughout his life however confronted those difficulties with full enthusiasm. Steve occupations, was exceptionally energetic for his work. He gave right headings to the Apple Company when organization was confronting numerous issues (Isaacson, 2012). The pioneers should utilize suitable system to give viable initiative to the association. The system or model of initiative assists with managing complex issues. Michale Fullan has given an administration model that can be utilized to actualize change in an association. Fullans initiative model incorporates 5 significant focuses like good reason, relationship building, getting change, soundness making and information sharing (Knuth Banks, 2006). Mostly the pioneers are mindful to present change in the association. The five significant components appeared in the structure are clarified in beneath referenced focuses. Moral reason: Moral reason assumes a significant job in presenting change in the framework. The pioneers ought to perform with the intension of rolling out positive improvement in the framework. The pioneers or administrators should consider the advantages of the association. The pioneers are roused by a feeling of assurance to do important for the association (Wise Jacobo, 2010). Figure 1: Leadership structure Getting change: The pioneers should offer concentration to comprehend change before actualizing it in the framework in any case change can't be overseen or controlled. The pioneers ought not present complex thoughts which can't be acknowledged effectively by the association. The chiefs should give enough time on pre execution arrangement. Pioneers ought to plan techniques to manage issues which can be happened during change execution process. Relationship fabricating: The basic idea is on the off chance that connections in the association improve, at that point numerous issues will be understood consequently. Enthusiastic insight is an initiative characteristic that can assist with overseeing strife in the association. Viable pioneers offer endeavors to create agreement in the association. Information creation and sharing: It implies the pioneers should offer concentration to make and offer information. Persistent learning technique can be utilized for information creation. For the accomplishment of the association, the individuals should share the information. Information sharing aides in hierarchical development as well as aides in accomplishing self-improvement (Edwards, 2012). Lucidness making: The pioneers put endeavors to present fundamental change in the framework however some of the time change can make disequilibrium in the framework. Individuals ought to comprehend the change as when changes are taken emphatically, issues can't be happened. Powerful pioneers cause individuals to understand that even in difficult time, issues or issues can be talked about beneficially (Gilley, McMillan Gilley, 2009). Once in a while the pioneers need to stay away from specific things to keep up harmony in the association. There are additionally a few issues which can have sway on authoritative administration. Numerous associations are confronting a few difficulties, for example, absence of representative collaboration. Representatives don't tune in to their administrators. Now and then director who functions as pioneer needs to make severe move yet the representatives don't comprehend the purpose for the conduct and don't offer help to the chief. One individual can't actualize change in the framework so pioneers require legit criticism from the individuals however the individuals don't offer help since they believe that it not their work (Howell Shamir, 2005). The pioneers need to have numerous characteristics. They can't generally force their choices on individuals. Once in a while the pioneers need to listen perspectives on others. Ordinarily the pioneers give bearings to others as per their perspectives however the individuals don't comprehend the perspectives on pioneers. In certain associations b ecause of complex chain of importance structure the individuals face issues in correspondence. Absence of correspondence likewise makes issue in usage of authoritative administration (Van Wart, 2013). For the accomplishment of the association powerful administration is required. Current business world is exceptionally serious. To get by in the market, associations need to have solid authority support. Every association faces both great time and awful time. In the awful time no one but pioneers can persuade individuals to manage the circumstance. The job of authority, administration attributes, thought processes and structure are clarified previously. A few issues are likewise referenced that can impact authoritative initiative. To maintain a strategic distance from issues representatives ought to comprehend the perspectives on pioneers and pioneers ought to likewise think about the proposal of individuals. Every individual ought to comprehend the obligation. The pioneers should give proactive answers for t

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To what extent is 'free jazz' really free Essay

Whatever degree is 'free jazz' truly free - Essay Example History has an impressive level of exactness. The symphonious entanglement and improvisational eagerness of the ordinary bop combo were a long way from the easy to use sound of large band swing, and the restricting external scopes of the 1960s. Free jazz was evidently contradictory to the idea of a mass crowd. During the twentieth century, the vast majority of its mass crowd was generally people of the low social class, whores, drunkards, and medication addicts (Stanbridge, 2008). Notwithstanding, after the world war two, jazz music turns into a significant hit, particularly in the northern America. This saw the absolute best chronicle occurring; this incorporates Miles Davis who made the sort out of blue jazz music title. Additionally, Dave with the tune break was fruitful in their singing. This is on the grounds that they drew out the newness and acquainted a youthful crowd with jazz. The achievement that originates from jazz caused it to be highlighted in films and magazines. In a ny case, of the advancement, it despite everything held its relationship with substance misuse, guiltiness and the decrepit side of life.Jazz music started to possess an alternate job in the network in the mid 70s. the start of the 21st century denoted its total insurgency both to the general population and to the music business. The general conceptualization of the music related with a barely characterized thought of the jazz standard has been instrumental as a showcasing classification as well as has served to impact the quick standard situating of an encased, neo-conventionalist class of jazz. This has seen specific styles and structures favored over others. For a while jazz become some portion of life to people. Movies businesses were not forgotten about as they additionally had a bit of the cake. Films favored decision of music was jazz, this had powerful effect on the motion pictures for they got exposure quicker (Racy, 2004).

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Finding the Best Rubric Samples for Essay Questions

Finding the Best Rubric Samples for Essay Questions The Debate Over Rubric Samples for Essay Questions Informative essay writing is an art that each and every student should master. When you're writing an English essay, you have zero opportunity to confirm your paper by another individual. You're able to make use of these examples to find a clearer idea of what a high-scoring essay appears like and what graders are interested in on the Writing section. In your essay, you ought to use a wide selection of vocabulary (and utilize it correctly). Being aware of what graders are seeking and reviewing TOEFL Writing samples can go a very long way towards aiding you to get a high score on this section. Learn all the ideas you need to understand as a way to ace TOEFL Writing! It may also be beneficial to review other TOEFL writing samples to receive a better idea about what a wonderful TOEFL essay appears like. You'll know that you have to work on your thesis abilities. The very first element of the essay we'll analyze is the way that it succeeds in identifying and examining the sections of the argument that relate to the undertaking. The items covered below this criterion are definitely the most important in regards to writing a strong essay. However, the utility of the five paragraph form is that it is a tried-and-true method to continue to keep your essay organized. When there are a couple minor errors within this excerpt (prehistorical should be prehistoric, absolutely free thinking needs to be free-thinking), they don't significantly alter the significance of the author's words and therefore do not detract from the general effectiveness of the author's language. For instance, the on-line learners reads a passage, highlights all the important details, and then produces a summary. You can have a look at my tips on building specific rubric-based skills in my personal article about how to compose a DBQ. To assist you compose the best rubrics, here are a number of strategies to get you started. To begin with, utilize the perfect-scoring sample GRE essays within this guide as models of feasible techniques to do the essay tasks. Your exam is broken up into portions. BUN tests should be done a specific way. It won't be any different than every other blood test you've received. The Battle Over Rubric Samples for Essay Questions and How to Win It As soon as it's extremely important to make certain your essay has a very clear perspective, strong important reasoning, and support for your position, that's not sufficient to secure you a top score. Rubrics are used for a couple of diverse explanations. You will likely have to customize these rubrics to fulfill your aims and standards, but these should offer you a good place to begin. Rubrics give the teacher a chance to assess the students understanding of a scientific topic by levels of performance on particular criteria. List the most relevant goals of the assignment. Though your facts do need to be correct, you receive a bit more leeway with your interpretations of the way the author's persuasive techniques might influence the audience. Most student work will probably fit into more than 1 category for unique criteria. The procedure for writing comments also keeps your attention centered on the response. In order in order to spell out why the author is persuasive, you have to be in a position to spell out the structure of the argument. You will be able to take notes as you listen to it though. Take advantage of these papers to refresh your memory of the standards by which you're grading and to guarantee fairness over the time period spent grading. You'll probably wind up with responses which are throughout the spectrum that are virtually impossible to grade. Grading samples carefullywill help you to get a sense ofyour own blind spots so that you know what skills to concentrate on in your prep. If online learners have the ability to memorize the critical ideas, then they'll not have any trouble passing the test. Teachers have a crystal clear means of assessing students' work and students know just what sorts of things are likely to earn them with the grade they want. To begin with, some students will waste time attempting to determine which questions to reply.

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Toward a Better Lifestyle Essay - 921 Words

What is lifestyle? The simplest definition of this word is how a person lives and preforms his daily routine. Smoking, safety and food safety are lifestyle aspects that will be mentioned in this assignment, as they are also considered important health determinates. I’ve interviewed my friend’s family; they live in Abu Dhabi and consist of a father, mother, five sons and one blessing daughter. The family is well educated as the parents both completed university, yet the mother stopped after that so she could have enough time raising the kids. The father in his mid 50’s and he work in a petroleum company. Smoking None of us is perfect; we all have this one bad habit that we can’t let go easily. Smoking is one of the bad, common habits mostly†¦show more content†¦About the family I interviewed, my friend’s father listed his name in the smokers list, as he grew up smoking became an addiction to him. His story begins at the age of 16 after his father passed away, he had a belief that one cigarette is capable to relief stress so he used his father’s death as a reason to smoke and since then, he couldn’t stop smoking although he tried to. According to the parents’ answers it shows that they have a good knowledge regarding the risk of smoking, whether it’s on the smoker itself or people surrounding him. The good thing about the father is that he tried to quit smoking, all though he failed but one try is never enough. Our country is fighting to kill this habit also they provided Sheikh Khalifa Medical City’s Smoking Cessation Clinic that helped 155 out of 395 smokers getting rid of smoking in 2010 (Bell, 2013). I offered this solution for the father and it’s up to him to deiced whether to join or not. Safety Home safety means the knowledge a family has of the potential dangers and risks may cause injury, harm and sometimes death starting from the stairs in front of the home and extending to the swimming pool in the back yard. As I entered the building going to my friend’s apartment, the outside seemed to be very safety and protection is considered everywhere. The stairs weren’t slippery at all and two slides were available as a passage for wheelchairs but what was really smart isShow MoreRelatedIdentifying And Finding Better Way Of Solving Health Issues1566 Words   |  7 Pagesassociated in identifying and finding better way of solving health issues, to spread awareness about the complications in near future among people. To identify and understand the problem space in a systematic approach it encompasses three main stages. The stages are termed as identify problem, analyze, explore and define by understanding the nature of problem discretely to enable the ability of thinking. The research actions are iterated to resolve and develop a better output. Reflecting in action wasRead MoreFlapper Dream Analysis1477 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Emptiness of the Flapper Lifestyle During the 1920s, there was a massive increase in the post-war economy, and with it came luxuries and technologies that many Americans had never seen before. The changing cultural climate brought with it drastic changes in the ideals and morals of the youth because they had become disillusioned with their parents morals and lifestyles following World War 1. Interestingly, the disillusionment that the youth of America felt towards their parents way of livingRead MoreMarketing Strategies For Entry Into China And North America847 Words   |  4 Pagesthis way, expansion into the international market presents companies with a large scope for growth opportunities (Hitt et al., 2011, p. 219). Firms are also better able to earn a larger gain from their investments due to the larger potential market. Firms are able to ramp up production and other capabilities so that they can achieve better economies of scale and make the same quality products and services more cheaply. There is also big ger scope for performance and for innovation, since a diversityRead MoreAnalysis Of Gold Gym s Newest Advertisement1077 Words   |  5 Pagesupon women and not men is quite disturbing. A pear shaped body is not selective in who acquires it but the idea of it is only targeted toward women. Another aspect of this advertisement is the reference to a pear shaped body which is a remark to a heavier set, perhaps obese, body. The growing rate of obesity is certainly a problem, but negative literature towards it is not the answer. Although going to the gym and working off a few extra pounds could aide in the decline of obesity the steps to getRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Somewhere That s Green 985 Words   |  4 Pages Where there is Love, There is a Home. Ever fantasize about your dream home? Better Homes and Gardens magazine has been the go-to magazine for homeowners, since it was first published in 1923 (Reuss). This magazine was in the song â€Å"Somewhere that’s Green, sang by the character Audrey, in the film Little Shop of Horrors (Adespotosify). During the song in the film, she is describing her picture perfect home, which she envisions to be featured in the magazine. This goes to show you, it wasn’t outRead MoreThe Impact Of Tourism On Tourism And Hospitality Business Essay1215 Words   |  5 Pages(Morrison et al., 1999). The significance of lifestyle motives within tourism entrepreneurship presents a particular feature that sets this sector apart from the rest within the UK economy, and brings certain challenges to entrepreneurs in this sector. 2. ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES IN THE INDUSTRY Studies have shown that unlike other small firms driven by entrepreneurial attitude, tourism business is under the influence of non-economic aspirations of lifestyle entrepreneurs. Thomas et al. (1997) carriedRead MoreThe Determinants Of Health As A Federal Government Organization1067 Words   |  5 PagesShe has two siblings Jenna and Jason and she is the eldest. She grew up in a single parent household. Her father left them when she was 7years old. Jessica and her mother Evelyn does not go along well because Evelyn always criticizes her and her lifestyle especially when she got pregnant with Ryan. That is why she moved out from her mother’s house. She just finished high school and trying to get in to college to get her diploma in cosmetology but she dropped out from college because her income wasRead MoreLifestyle And Behavior Among Adults767 Words   |  4 PagesSummary Lifestyle and behavior among adults has been the topic of major concern in the recent years. Unhealthy lifestyle behaviors have the potential to exacerbate chronic conditions like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, elevated blood pressure levels, diabetes, and obesity. Substantial improvements in behavior and lifestyle of individuals can help curb these high rates of obesity and avoid the devastating effects caused by chronic health problems. Among the options available, evidence-based studiesRead MoreFilm Analysis Of The Film Born Into Brothels1517 Words   |  7 Pages Born into Brothels, shares the chaotic lifestyle of eight children and their mothers from the Brothels of Calcutta, in the perspective of the director, Zana Briski, and the deprived children. Using the basic techniques of photography, Briski teaches the children to document their lives through photos, which are then used as a baseline for the documentary. Born into Brothels revolves around Briski’s attempt to g ain awareness and education for a small group of children whose lives are filled withRead MoreKraft Foods Memo Essay771 Words   |  4 Pagesour positions toward our advertising targeting young children. Background Allegations against Kraft that its advertisements of unhealthy foods to children led to the increase in child obesity in 2003. A Kraft executive publicly commented â€Å"We didn’t want to give up the power of marketing to kids†. Recent advertising campaigns criticisms included: promoting unhealthy foods with fun children’s games, backing out from reducing portion size and commercials encouraged sloppy lifestyle. McDonald’s

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SOP Statement of Purpose - 694 Words

There is a famous adage quoted by Mahatma Gandhi that goes like – â€Å"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.† I came across these lines during my school life in one of a lesson in our English book about Mahatma Gandhi. These lines have made an impact on me since that day. I was born in India and spent my life there and pursued my whole studies there. However, my family is from Nepal and my father was serving in Indian Army. I have been connected to beauty of the environment since my childhood and used to visit Nepal every year during my summer vacations. There I noticed the stark difference in environmental conditions of a hill and a plane area. There was a huge difference in the air, temperature, humidity, and the like. At that time I came to know about the pollution that was prevailing and is still prevailing in the area where I was living. During our school time, I attended seminars organized by our school (Military School) and there I exposed to other environmental hazards and the solutions. It attracted me more toward doing something to save our environment. I read about the Chipko Movement where the villagers used to surround a tree to stop it from being felled. Environmental activist like Hemvanti Nandan Bahuguna fostered my morale and kept ins piring me till today I am writing this. In my senior secondary classes I opted for science stream to pursue my dream and taken Physics,Show MoreRelatedSOP in sports management946 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿SOP Information Form Statement of Purpose is a brief and concise essay which describes your past achievements, future goals and your ability to achieve your goals. When providing details please include the following wherever applicable: What? (degree/award/achievement etc) When? (date/span etc) Why? (why did you do that specific course/workshop/seminar etc) How? (how has it helped you in your academics/profession and is there anything exceptional/out of the ordinary that you want to mentionRead MoreJet Personal Statement Of Purpose Essay1329 Words   |  6 Pages JET Personal Statement of Purpose (SoP) Advice The Statement of Purpose is the part of the application which likely plays a huge part in any success. Take your time crafting the best Personal Statement you can. Your SoP should elaborate on the strengths you ve brought up in your application, and should refer to the traits JET is looking for. Provide brief anecdotes about experiences you ve listed in the application. Show some personality, give the interviewers a reason to remember you. Also, haveRead MoreHow to Write an Sop for Grad School1587 Words   |  7 PagesWINNING STATEMENT OF PURPOSE FOR A GRADUATE SCHOOL Compiled by Shoukat Iqbal Khattak Faculty Member Bahria University of Management Sciences-Karachi campus E-mail: Developed Created by Anthony O. Okobi using: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Table of Content 1. Introduction: What, Why and How of Statement of Purpose. Read MoreDifferent Types Of Nonprofit Organizations1733 Words   |  7 Pagescommon and recognizable, there are several other types of nonprofit organization as outlined by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS website,, provides detailed information on all types of nonprofit organizations, their purposes and the filing requirement of each. Some of the other types of nonprofit organizations are organized under section 501(c)(6) business or trade associations; section 501(c)(7) which include social clubs and the like and 501(c)(8) and 501(c)(10) whichRead MoreComputer Software Validation And Software Testing1193 Words   |  5 Pagesdetailed on the benefits it provides to the field I am working on and briefed out some constraints or issues it has which is yet to be resolved. Keywords: Computer Software Validation (CSV), Validation in Pharmaceuticals, Standard Operating procedures (SOP), Software development life cycle (SDLC), FDA. Introduction: The report emphasizes on details with regard to the IS platform on which I am working on in the organization. There also few points concerning to the benefits it provides to the organizationRead MoreCommunication and Food Safety2764 Words   |  12 Pagescommunication. 3. What Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) would be helpful for Barry to implement and enforce? Introduction: The Business Dictionary states that a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) must be a written document that can be used as guidance any time a specific task or project is undertaken. In other word, SOP is explaining how policy is implemented to the work place. SOP may be written as a policy or it may also write as document. An effective SOP can be communicate with who perform the taskRead MoreThe Case Of A Serious Health Hazard1184 Words   |  5 Pagesit may have become contaminated o A cosmetic is misbranded if its labeling is false, misleading or does not contain information required by law. A product may be misbranded if: a) The components of the cosmetics are not fully identified in the statement of ingredients b) The weight or volume is inaccurate or not declared properly Recall Terms and Definition Market withdrawal of a product is the removal or correction from channels of distribution of any product where no legal violations haveRead MoreStandard Operating Procedure and Guidelines: Drafting from a Static Water Supply470 Words   |  2 PagesOperating Procedure/Guideline: Drafting from a Static Water Supply Scope: This standard operating procedure/guideline (SOP/SOG) defines the steps involved in drafting from a static water supply. Purpose: The purpose of this SOP/SOG is to provide fire service personnel with the information they need to draft from a static water supply. General: For the purposes of this SOP/SOG, static water supply includes conventional fire hydrants, but also includes dams, creeks or swimming pools that can alsoRead MoreImplementation Of Good Clinical Practices1381 Words   |  6 Pagesyour company have requested for the meeting. The form FDA 1571, The Investigational new drug application forms (information about the sponsor, investigational drug, phases of clinical investigation, serial number etc.) and form FDA 1572 i.e. the statement of an investigator (sign, contact and IRB information about investigator) must be submitted. Also, the form FDA 3672, Certification of compliance (name of sponsor, drug information, IND number, serial number, certification, and NCT number) shouldRead MoreFinancial Statements Regarding A Company s Performance And Prospects1273 Words   |  6 PagesFinal Exam Question 4 According to FASB webpage, revenue is a crucial number to users of financial statements in assessing a company’s performance and prospects. However, revenue recognition requirements in U.S. GAAP differ from those in IFRS, and both sets of requirements are considered to be in need of improvements. Accordingly, the FASB and the IASB initiated a joint project to clarify the principles for recognizing revenue and to develop a common revenue standard for U.S. GAAP and IFRS that

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter Summary Essay Example For Students

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter Summary Essay Chapter 1 The story begins with a description of Mr. Utterson, a lawyer in London. Mr. Utterson is a reserved, conservative man who does not reveal his true, vibrant personality. He tolerates the strangeness and faults of other. Early in his life, he watched as his brother fell to ruin, and it is noted that he is often the last respectable person that men who are turning to evil or ruin have to talk to. This foreshadows Uttersons involvement with upcoming evil. Mr. Utterson is friends with Richard Enfield, although the two are totally different from one another. They always took walks with each other on Sundays no matter what else they might have to do. As they walk down a lane on Sunday that would usually be crowded with merchants and children during the week, Enfield points out an old building without many windows, and only a basement door. Enfield tells a story of how, one night at about 3:00 am, he saw a strange, deformed man round the corner and bump into a young girl. The strange man did not stop but simply walked right over the young girl, who cried out in terror. Enfield rushed over and attended the girl along with her family. Still, the strange man carried on, so Enfield chased him down and urged him back. A doctor was called and Enfield and the doctor felt an odd hatred of the man, warning the man that they would discredit him in every way possible unless he compensated the girl. The strange man agreed to offer 100 British pounds. Enfield notes that the man is like Satan in the way he seems emotionally cold to the situation. The strange man presented a cheque signed by an important person, which they together cashed the next morning. Enfield states that he refers to the building as Black Mail House. Utterson asks Enfield if he ever asked who lived in the building, but Enfield explains that he doesnt ask questions about strange things: the more it looks like Queer Street, the less I ask. The building appears lived in, and the two men carry on their walk. Enfield continues that the strange man he saw that night looked deformed, though he could explain how. Utterson assures Enfield that his story has caught his interest. The two agree never to talk about the story again. Chapter 2 The same evening, Utterson came home. Instead of reading until sleep at midnight, he poured over the will of his friend Henry Jekyll, a doctor and very educated man. The will stated that Jekylls possessions and position should be handed over to Mr. Hyde, a friend that Utterson had never heard nor met. Utterson went to the house of Dr. Lanyon, an old school and college friend of Uttersons and Jekylls, and asked him about Hyde, but Lanyon had never heard of him. Lanyon uses several evil references when talking about Jekyll, such as devilish, and gone wrong, foreboding evil relations between Jekyll and Hyde. Utterson knows something is wrong between the two. Utterson cant sleep for the rest of the night. Utterson considers how the strange man Enfield spoke of could trample a child and care nothing for it. Utterson staked out the door of the strange building looking for the strange man, whom he also believed was Mr. Hyde. One night, he found him. He confronts him as he is about to go inside the strange door, and finds the strange man is indeed Mr. Hyde. Hyde is unpleasant, cool, defiant, and confident. Utterson convinces Hyde to show his face, and Hyde suggests Utterson should know his address, implying that he knows of Jekylls will. Utterson refers to Hyde to himself as troglodytic, meaning a primitive human being, detestable and unpleasant. Utterson decides to try and visit Jekyll at the late hour. At Jekylls home, he learns from the servants that Hyde never east dinner at Jekylls house, but is always there in the laboratory, with his own key. The servants rarely see him, but they have orders to obey him. Utterson leaves, and reflects upon his own life, what evil deeds he may be guilty of, and what bad things his friend Jekyll may have done in his life. He decides that this Hyde must be gravely evil, far worse than anything Jekyll may have ever done. Utterson decides to try and discover what evil things Hyde has done and may be doing, but fears that his friend Jekyll will object. To finish, Utterson again considers the strange will of Jekyll, specifically that it he disappears for longer than three months, that his estate should be turned over to Hyde. Utterson fears that Hyde might kill Jekyll for the will. Chapter 3 Dr. Jekyll has a dinner party and Utterson attends. Utterson is a well liked and respected man, by Jekyll as well as anyone. Utterson stays behind after the party, and talks with Jekyll about the will. Jekyll tries at first to politely and jovially avoid the topic towards his scientific rivalry with Dr. Lanyon, but Utterson insists. Utterson explains that he thinks the will is a bad idea, and Jekyll wishes to stop talking about it. Jekyll states that he is in a unique situation that cant be fixed through talking, but Utterson promises that he can be trusted to help in confidence. Jekyll insists that he is in control, that he can be rid of Mr. Hyde at his own discretion. Early American Literature EssayEnfield tells that he now knows that the building Hyde entered that night long ago was Jekylls house. As they strolled by Jekylls house, they saw him in a window. Utterson urges him to come for a walk, but Jekyll refuses. They agree to talk while Jekyll sits at the window. Suddenly, a look of terror comes over Jekylls face, and the window blind is shut in front of him, hiding him from the sight of Utterson and Enfield. Frightened, the two men look at each other. God forgive us! cries out Utterson, and the two men walk on. Chapter 8 Poole comes to Uttersons house in a panic, saying that Jekyll is locked up in his room again. Poole fears that Jekyll has been murdered and that the killer is still in his room, pacing back and forth and moaning and crying out. Utterson agrees to go to Jekylls house with Poole. When they arrive, they find all the house servants crowded around the fireplace in fear of what goes up in Jekylls room. Poole tells Utterson that he wants him to hear what is going on in Jekylls room. They proceed, and Poole calls out to his master, saying that Utterson is there to visit. A voice answers that is certainly Jekyll, pleading for Utterson to leave him alone. Poole reports that the person in the room tosses out papers with orders for chemicals from every company in London, but with every delivery, Jekyll/Hyde refuses them and sends them back claiming they are not pure. They examine the notes, and find that the writing is Jekylls, but with a strange slant like Hydes. Poole mentions that he saw the person in the room at one point, but it looked like Hyde, not Jekyll Poole and Utterson decide to break down the door and find out what has happened in Jekylls room, using an axe. They post two other servants near the door to prevent Jekyll/Hyde from escaping should he get past Utterson and Poole. Utterson and Poole consider that they face some danger in doing this. While they wait for the other servants to get into position, they sit in the old surgery theatre, where Poole describes how Jekyll/Hyde paces back and forth across the floor and sometimes cries out. After the servants are ready, Utterson warns Jekyll that he is coming in, and the voice begs him not to. They burst in and find Hyde twitching and dying on the floor. They look around and find various articles, but no sign of Jekylls body. They find chemicals, a book, a cheval-glass, and a strange drug. They search the house, and still do not find the body. Utterson finds Jekylls latest will and learns that it leaves his estate to Utterson, not Hyde. Utterson finds this strange because Hyde was in the room and cold have destroyed this will in favor of the one that names him the recipient of the will. Utterson finds a note written in Jekylls handwriting, and is afraid to read it. In it Jekyll says that he has disappeared, that Utterson should read the letter Lanyon sent, and also Jekylls own confession which is included with this note. Utterson returns to his office where he will read the two important documents. Chapter 9 Lanyons Narrative On January 9th, Lanyon receives a letter from Jekyll. It tells Lanyon that this is a matter of life and death. Lanyon is to go to Jekylls house, and The door of my cabinet is then to be forced; and you are to go in alone; to open the glazed press letter E on the left hand, breaking the lock if it be shut; and to draw out, with all its contents as the stand, the fourth drawer from the top or which is the same thing the third from the bottom. This is to get Jekylls drug. Then, Lanyon is to return to his own homes consulting room, and wait for a visitor at midnight from Jekyll. Lanyon does this and finds the drug that Jekyll must have made because it is not as neatly done as a chemist would do. He returns to his home and waits for the visitor, keeping a gun with him revolver should he need to defend himself. At midnight, Hyde shows up, and is very excited to get the drug, almost crazy, but he stays calm enough. Once Lanyon gives it to him, a scary smile comes over Hydes face. He tells Lanyon that Lanyon was a fool, and that he would now see proof of transcendental medicine. He drinks the drug and changes into Jekyll in a terrifying way that haunts Lanyon for the rest of his few days until he dies. Lanyon ends his letter by saying that he cannot tell what Jekyll told him because it is too terrible, other than that Jekyll and Hyde are the same person.